I ran into a number of problems with PyQt4, and py2app while making my first program (OS 10.6), that I had a hard time finding answers to

  1. If your program is crashing, check console if it says

    then after generating the setup.py script for py2app, edit it to remove “'argv_emulation': True”. (from py2exe website, so also works for windows)
    You can also try using python 2.5 or setting “arch –i386”, but I think that this is probably easier.
  2. If your program is still crashing, check the console, if it says

    the solution is to add ‘—includes “sip”’ to the py2app call: ‘python setup.py py2app --includes "sip"
  3. If your program continues to crash, check console and if it says

    The .nib file should be placed in QtGui.framework/Versions/Current/Resources/ or in the resources directory of your application bundle. In that case, you need to manually copy it into the app bundle. (right-click your app -> Show Package Contents)
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