How to Contribute to OSS (for Noobs)

There are lots of reasons to contribute to open source software projects, the simplest, probably to fix a bug, but more importantly it’s a good way to get exposed to other coding practices and learn things you wouldn’t see just scripting alone on your own pet projects. Here I’m going to go over my first [...]

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PyQt4 and Py2App – Minor Notes

I ran into a number of problems with PyQt4, and py2app while making my first program (OS 10.6), that I had a hard time finding answers to If your program is crashing, check console if it says

then after generating the script for py2app, edit it to remove “’argv_emulation’: True”. (from py2exe website, [...]

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A New Frontier in InputMethodKit

I recently upgraded to OS X Lion, so I really wanted to get some use out of Apple’s new InputMethodKit functions and abilities, like submenus, and things like that. Right off the bat I ran into a couple of problems. Firstly, there is very little actual documentation from Apple, especially for the new features. In fact, most [...]

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H-h-hey hey!

Hey people! Welcome to my blog, photo site, and who knows? I’m still getting set up so expect more stuff to be added to the site in the future. I’m not sure what you’re supposed to write in a first blog post, so I’ll start off talking about TypeThai, which I hope to be pushing [...]

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